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Batman Games is a site dedicated to the caped crusader that we all love – Batman! There are lots of different versions here that you will find very electrifying and addictive that you will certainly want to play them all again and again. Find out about his never-ending quest for justice by joining him in his missions.

Help him out in all of the free Batman Games that you will find here. Use different gadgets that are both remarkable and very functional. Destroy fascinating villains that you will come across along the way as you pursue justice in Gotham City.

Batman Games featuring the Dark Knight himself

Batman is also well-known as the “Dark Knight”. He is the world’s greatest detective who first appeared in comic books. He then became very popular and soon spawned different animated series and movies. He also became one of the most popular video game heroes ever!

His real name is Bruce Wayne, a millionaire who witnessed the murder of his parents. Since that fateful day, he has sworn to avenge all those who are victims of injustice and crime. He has no out of the ordinary powers but trained himself so much that he became highly skillful both physically and mentally, and he uses them both to effectively battle crime.